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A Collaboration Of...

Bandera County Interagency Coalition

Our Mission

“Connecting People With Resources”

Our Vision
“To ensure every person has equal access to accurate information about resources, services, or assistance provided by nonprofits, community-based organizations, churches, and government agencies in Bandera County. And, to provide this information in both English and Spanish through our website and publications”

Welcome to, your trusted resource hub dedicated to strengthening the bonds of our Bandera County community. We are driven by a collective commitment to connect individuals with essential resources and services, fostering a more informed and empowered community.

Our Collaborative Roots is a collaborative initiative brought to life through the unwavering dedication of The Silver Sage, The Hill Country Resource Center, Bandera County Interagency Coalition, and The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation. Generous support from Bandera County has further fortified our mission.

For far too long, the residents of Bandera County have faced challenges in accessing vital information regarding food, health, and social services available within our region. There was a pressing need for a comprehensive resource guide that could bridge this gap, ensuring that no one in our community is left searching in vain when they need assistance the most.

Our Journey has been part of The Silver Sage's strategic plan since 2018, and it represents the culmination of several attempts over the past two decades to unite agencies under a common banner. Our current collaboration, bolstered by the dedication of new nonprofits and nonprofit leaders, instills newfound hope that the Bandera County Interagency Coalition will thrive, becoming an enduring support system for all participating organizations.

This renewed spirit has rekindled the Bandera County Connect project, aligning it with the coalition's vision. County Judge Richard Evans had long advocated for such a resource, recognizing the absence of a dedicated website or publication within our county to guide those seeking assistance towards the right agencies. Our community has lacked a centralized "hub" for information and resources - until now.

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